Baby Fishes

Our best practice principles ensure babies and toddlers are introduced to the aquatic environment using a safe and encouraging approach. We make an exceptional effort to ensure that classes are exciting, safe and stress-free. Little Fishes utilises the TodSwim national toddler program for training and instruction. The program was developed to demonstrate water safety and basic swimming techniques to children from 6 months up to the age of three years.

Our teaching techniques disfavour forced submersion and floatation devices, preferring the use of games and songs to coach parents on handling their child in an acquatic environment. We believe that water is a natural extension of a child’s environment and use teaching methods that adapt the child’s natural skills mastered on land to their swimming environment. Our Baby Fishes classes range between 4-6 parent-child duos each.

Learn To Swim

Safety every minute, fun every second! Our classes are small and intense with only 2 children per instructor. Our goal for beginner swimmers is to get them water safe and swimming as quickly as possible. We use constructive play and songs to develop confident swimmers who enjoy being in and around a pool and can rely on themselves to get out of danger.


Our stroke classes focus on correct stroke rather than speed. We believe by giving each child a strong, solid foundation, speed will follow. Our classes are small and intense with only 2-3 children per class. On mastering strokes in our 15-meter pool, children progress into the 25-meter pool where the focus is kept on correcting stroke over longer distance. Stroke school prepares children for galas and the option of joining our Crusaders Swimming Club.